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12 March 2012 @ 03:49 am
Zumba continues  
Yay! Still doing Zumba for a few minutes several times a day. A good sign. If it was boring or painful, I'd have stopped by now. I don't even hate the two instructors on the "learn the steps" DVD, even though they are fit, perky, and cheerful. I can do about five minutes at a time now, which is short but a great improvement from two minutes at a time where I started. Later this week, I may get really bold and check out the actual dance routine disk instead of just the beginner steps-training disk. I find I can do the merengue steps without instruction. I can also do the belly-dancing steps but those sure work out places I don't normally work. I can't find the scale so I don't know if I'm losing weight but I am starting to tighten up just a tiny, tiny bit. Unfortunately, when I do the shimmy there is still way too much jiggling going on but I have high hopes that will subside, as time goes by. And, if not, well...then my shimmy will be even shimmier than most. So what? :-)