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10 April 2012 @ 06:05 pm
So hard  
Here's what I've learned about vendors and wholesale deliveries.

"We'll have it there Tuesday" means "It may be there Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or some time this week."

And invoice with precise products ordered means "You may or may not get everything you ordered. Do not think that 'In stock' means that it is 'In stock.' We'll deliver what we have and you can guess when the rest will get there."

"Yes, we have a dozen Piper nigrum" means "I have half a dozen and that's all you're getting. Won't you be surprised when you open the box!"

"Yes, we can split that order in two parts for you so it's easier to unload" means "You will get two pallettes on one day and ten pallettes the next. Hope you have a strong back. Good luck!"

There will always be at least one item marked delivered on the packing slip that is not on the truck. Occasionally there will be items you didn't order on the truck. Quantities may or may not match what you expected.

Things are always larger or smaller than they look in a web catalog. Planters that look tiny will turn out to be three feet across and weigh several hundred pounds. Planters that look huge will be tiny and just the right size for an African Violet.

A plant that is in a 4" pot may be 12" across or 1" across.

Two hundred peacock feathers does not make as big a bouquet as you think it will.

Florists' buckets are near impossible to pry apart when they have been stacked.

While you are closed and trying to inventory your stock, someone will knock on the front door about once per hour to ask if you are open, even though the front door has a huge sign on it that says "Open April 16th."

Once they realize you are closed until April 16th, at least half the people who knocked want to come in a look around any way.

On the bright side, over half of those who do peek their heads inside involutarily exclaim "Oh wow!" or "This is great!" or "Look at all the cool stuff you have!" I think that has to be a good sign, especially since our nearest competitors have stuck narrowly to only hydroponics equipment while we have tried to truly make our store an indoor garden center, with orchids, bromeliads, palms, and all sorts of tropical foliage plants. If we're not both dead from exhaustion by April 16th, we may even be able to make a modest living from this. At least, we sure hope.