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15 April 2012 @ 05:43 pm
So excited! Our store finally opens tomorrow. We've still got improvements and smoothing to do but it looks lovely now. Steve can hold his head up high when people come in. And they do want to come in. We had to turn away three groups of folks today because they saw us and thought we were open. Yay! I hope once we really *are* open, the folks who pressed their nose on the glass come back. :-)

Also, so tired. So much new learning, so much lifting and carrying, so much rearranging this last month. But we're past the worst of it. Never again will we be bringing in full truck-loads of product or entering and labeling thousands of units. Now it's just maintaining our stock and adding new things as we see fit.

The plant section (my area) looks lush, orderly and tropical, just as I hoped. And my favorite part is the Pamper the Gardener section on the counter. It has a lovely display of herbal hand balm, sore muscle rub, feathers and a white sandstone Zen Frog. He's sort of our mascot. It looks exactly like a Buddhist in a lotus position but its head is a serene frog. Frogs are big here in Calaveras County, what with the yearly frog jump, so he's just the right touch.

God, I really hope this works.